«Rick and Morty» Esoteric Scene

«Rick and Morty» Esoteric Scene feature the Six Pointed Star, and the ALL SEEING EYE in front of a Pyramid with a Black Capstone, the Twin Pillars of duality, and the character Rick performing the «AS ABOVE SO BELOW» depiction with middle fingers. Also Rick as a machine elf / higher being type entity as the background (Ala – Alex Grey’s Net of Being the one they used on the Tool album art).

La filosofía en la serie de animación Rick and Morty

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  1. «There is little that is interesting that begins with knowing. Almost all new insights and discoveries began in the same way: with the humility and courage to not know. They began with a question…A brain that is open, that embraces humility, that can let go of what it thought to be true in the past… to seek understanding. That is a brain that is a movement..»And that brain, and that person, will thrive in the very place, that we are most afraid, the darkness of uncertainty.» ~ R. Beau Lotto.

    Me gusta

  2. Me gusta

  3. So COP 27’s being held near the mountain believed to be Mt Sinai. At the UN’s behest, some religious leaders will ascend to receive a new 10 Commandments of Climate Justice & stage a Climate Repentance Ceremony. 😐

    They’re appropriating religious groups & terms to serve a political movement that doesn’t allow for public input & discussion – typical progressive grassroots mobilizing activity.

    Irony is many need personal salvation more than ever, & churches are giving us Woke Babel projects.


    Le gusta a 1 persona

  4. Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. La serpiente emplumada, el símbolo más importante de mesoamerica, tuvo su origen en Teotihuacán, la Gran Tollan. Representa la fertilidad, por un lado la lluvia que es representado por plumas y los arroyos y ríos que son representados por la serpiente

    Crédito:Adrian Acosta

    Me gusta

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